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In a world saturated with tactical approaches, where businesses chase immediate profitability, the vital concept of brand and business strategy often goes overlooked. Half of small businesses fold within the crucial first three to five years — which is commonly known as a strategic planning period — and 80% of failures are attributed to stale tactics across brand and marketing areas.

Companies make the same basic mistakes due to ignorance, insufficient business knowledge, mindlessly following trends, or chasing immediate earnings. These often unseen errors jeopardise businesses and lead their teams to burnout or quiet quitting. Despite their detrimental impact, they can be easily avoided through acquiring strategic marketing knowledge.


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Steve Forbes

It’s the only book businesses need to shield from detrimental mistakes. 


It caters to marketing novices and seasoned marketers alike. It’s well-matched for young and mature, small-to-medium-sized businesses across various sectors, entrepreneurs seeking to craft winning business plans, as well as business coaches and consultants. 

(TRIGGER WARNING: The guide references alcohol, tobacco, and sexual goods. Please refrain from using it if you are sensitive to these product categories.)

'From Purpose to Profit' occupies a market gap created by existing works - a practical, easy-to-read modern marketing textbook - an all-in-one solution that introduces readers to the brand, marketing, and communication strategies.

It’s explicitly designed to support time-starved brand owners and distils 20 years of award-winning multinational strategic business experience into an all-in-one solution - a proper toolbox of marketing knowledge — an indispensable resource to rewrite the rules and forge a path where failure is not an option. 

This book stands out from most marketing materials available to brand and business owners:


  • Many exceptional marketing books are dedicated to narrowly defined topics.

  • Renowned professors' marketing manuals might appear intimidating to audiences less academically inclined.  

  • Internet-based information often offers 'how-tos' without 'whys' and lacks guidance on application.

  • Authority books tend to partially share the knowledge prompting readers to uptrade to more expensive services.

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This was an excellent book. I really found a lot of ways that I could use the practical advice it gave me. 

Mike M, (Journalist, Writer, Independent Reviewer, NetGalley)

The book deserves to succeed; every small business owner needs a book like this. It could become the 'Encyclopaedia Britannica' of business books! 

Terry Ch. (Online Marketing Manager, Independent Reviewer, NetGalley)

From Purpose to Profit is a groundbreaking and refreshing book that covers essential topics ranging from business strategy to brand positioning, offering an informative, well-rounded education. It fuses established theories with real-world experience, presenting an easily digestible format. The writing is crisp, and the conversational tone engages readers from the first page. The author has the extraordinary ability to break complex concepts into easy-to-understand language, and her tone carries the authority of an experienced, informed business strategist. This book is chockful of business wisdom for entrepreneurs and business owners at every level.

Romuald Dzemo (Independent Reviewer, Readers’ Favorite)

An amazing book that takes us from the idea to the practical plan for marketing in today's world! I love that this book is a start to finish complete book on how to get my name out into the business world. From the planning through the implementation, it shows step by step how to accomplish great things in our businesses. It also has an area to reformulate the approach to better serve the needs of the business and to work through the issues all of us have had within the context of marketing our business. This is a must have for those in business or are wanting to get their name or a product name out into the marketplace.

Jason W. (Independent Reviewer, Booksprout)

"From Purpose to Profit" stands out as an excellent marketing and strategy resource for entrepreneurs seeking to develop strategic thinking and leverage the best that marketing has to offer. The book is not just a static manual but a dynamic companion for businesses committed to sustained growth and meaningful impact.

Leonor A. (Business Coach and Consultant, former General Manager and Board Member)

"From Purpose to Profit" is an incredible book that covers basics so well for anyone wanting to make sure nothing gets missed out. Mastering the basics is the cornerstone of excellence—there's always room for growth, no matter the level of expertise. The insights presented in the book are instrumental in reinforcing the fundamental skills essential for success. 

 Sam Sh. (Trainer, Mentor, AI Consultant, Author, KeyNote Speaker)

I liked this book! It's so well structured. From my experience, only a few small businesses will approach it so systematically, and this, of course, is a huge omission. Your guide would be a great support for those starting. It can be a reference book to go for to brush things up.

Kate G. (Marketing Lead SME)

There is a lot of helpful information I haven't come across before. I believe it will be suitable even for senior marketers. I will buy it for my team as a strategy reference book when it's published.

Anna K. (MA, European Marketing Director)

I am reading your brand positioning work, and it is excellent! You should offer online courses in marketing. What you have to offer is very valuable! I am sure that even professional marketers will benefit from it.

Lisa G. (MA, Head of Brand Development)

Thanks to your guide, the presentation went well. We won the tender. We presented three positionings to choose from. The customer liked all three and asked for quotes. I got a lot of valuable information, particularly handy from a practical point of view! There is much texture. It's factual, well-structured, and easy to read.

Kirill U. (MBA, Business Consultant, Entrepreneur)

It’s a great read! I love your writing. Such a great balance between informative and informal!

Lauren D. (Business Editor and Proofreader)

  • Gaining practical tools, skills, and knowledge for business success

  • Avoiding critical business mistakes

  • Understanding the link between strategy, longevity, profitability, and ROI

  • Gaining confidence to challenge conventions and make strategic decisions

  • Cultivating a customer-driven strategic mindset

  • Getting accustomed to assessing decisions from the customer's perspective

  • Mastering the art of crafting self-selling brands

  • Embracing the business's purpose, turning beliefs into tangible contributions

  • Injecting meaning into my business journey for fulfilment

  • Finding joy and ease in business growth through mutual care, transforming stress into satisfaction

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